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Angela Tenholder DMD, FAACP, DABCDSM

Helping children GROW into the best version of themselves.

What is GROW Therapy?

Guided Reflexive Orofacial Wellness


Many things can wait. Children cannot. Today their bones and being formed, their blood is being made, their senses are being developed. To them we cannot say “tomorrow”. Their name is today. 

-Gabriela Mistral

Your decision to care for your child's smile  as they GROW is truly a HEALTHCARE decision.

The smile of our children not only has the ability to brighten our day, but also has the potential to improve their lives by applying the basic principles of health and wellness to their facial growth.  Development of the face affects the ability of every person, whether child or adult, to function on a daily basis.   

We believe that by guiding your child's breathing, biting and swallowing that we can positively influence the appearance and function of their face and smile.

GUIDING our children into a healthy adulthood is our goal both as parents and healthcare providers. 

REFLEXIVE functions of our bodies  allow us to Protect, Promote and Preserve our neurologic operating system in ways that balance our posture and improve efficient processing of the information that we are exposed to from our environment.  People with poor reflexive function often struggle to perform the simplest of tasks and seem to have a disadvantage to their more successful friends.  

The OROFACIAL area of the body is the area that dentistry has an amazing ability to influence.  Creating an environment for ideal facial growth improves your child's ability to breathe, chew and communicate as well as their potential to become an attractive healthy adult.

WELLNESS is what we all strive to achieve.  Offering our children the opportunity to have a great start at life by using the tools provided by nature is the fundamental goal of GROW Therapy.

We call our pediatric orthodontic program GROW Therapy because is it truly an application of medicine in the context of dentistry.  GROW Therapy provides advantages otherwise not available through more traditional orthodontic options.  

GROW Therapy is not to be compared to traditional orthodontic services as the methods and techniques of assessment and treatment are distinctively different.

By harnessing the power of your child's reflex system, your child has a unique opportunity to grow at their own pace, develop with careful observation and ensure that their precious brain and neurological systems are respected and supported through the entire process of growth and facial development.  

By allowing the brain to connect, nature can take over.

Your child will be supported, nurtured and guided through some of the most critical times of their lives by a caring team of providers and an easy to use system that supports them in every moment of every day - just like you do as their parent.

Implications and benefits

Attractive appearance

More prominent cheekbones, straighter teeth, broader smiles and stronger jawlines are often the result of guiding facial growth at an early age.

Improved academics

By providing an opportunity for better airflow through the head and neck, the result is more oxygen to the brain.  In addition, by ensuring that the neurologic and reflexive systems are integrated and supported, we can enhance your child's cognitive abilities by removing the obstacles that would otherwise negatively affect them.  

Enhanced athletic abilities

Reaserch is conclusive that jaw joint position and the relationship of the teeth to each other affect the ability of the body to either work well or struggle with balance, endurance and athletic ability.  We customize our patient's orthodontic outcomes to reflect not only a beautiful smile, but also a balanced body.

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About Us

Our team

Our team of caring and highly educated healthcare professionals is dedicated to ensuring that you and your child receive the full benefit of the GROW Therapy Healthcare experience at Synergy Dental Solutions.

Most of us are mothers ourselves and are committed to providing the best possible care for your entire child...just not their smile. 

Our training

Dr. Angie has devoted hundreds of hours in post doctoral education to understanding the influence of dentistry in whole body health.  Her passion is to identify obstacles in growth and development in order to create a more ideal environment for your child to GROW and succeed in life.   For her full educational listing and CV, please use the link below. 

Jamie Wille has an extensive background in child psychology as well as medical billing and coding. She is certified through the AAPC as a Certified Evaluation and Management Coder.  Her training in the neurological and behavioral aspects of childhood development are supplemented by her training in the neurologic aspects of influencing the oral environment.

The SmileTeam at Synergy Dental Solutions is highly trained in and experienced with the unique and exciting aspects of integrative healthcare in a dental context.  We love to prevent  children from experiencing the consequences of unaddressed problems and unresolved issues in orofacial development and health.

Our technology and techniques

We  utilize a combination of high tech and low impact techniques and tools to assess your child's strengths as well as to help us identify where they could use some guidance and therapy.  

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